CEREC Crowns in San Jose CA

CEREC Crowns in San Jose CA

What are CEREC crowns?

Many patients face pain and difficulty due to the decay of their teeth. These decayed and diseased teeth cause many problems that can only be fixed by fixing a crown onto the tooth. A crown acts as a cap, and a restorative method to form a structure for the decayed or missing teeth. Due to the help of new technology, many dentists make use of CEREC crowns to fix the patient's teeth. CEREC stands for Ceramic Restoration. CEREC crowns are made up of resin or ceramic and they serve as a permanent fixture for the decayed tooth. They are constructed using 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology.

Do you need CEREC Crowns?

Patients with cracked teeth, misshapen, and worn out teeth might require crowns. In such cases, the CEREC restoration is useful. The CEREC procedure is important for patients who do not want to go through the whole process of getting dental implants, bridges, and other restorative procedures.

How does the CEREC procedure work?

A CEREC machine involves the use of technology that can help to design ceramic crowns that are customized to look as natural as the original tooth. The dentist examines the tooth area and cleans out the part of the tooth that is infected. Once this is done, the area which is meant to be reconstructed is created with the help of 3D imaging. This helps the dentist to construct a dental strategy to work on the patient's tooth. After this is completed, a CEREC crown is constructed in a single sitting and it is fitted in the patient's mouth. The CEREC crown is permanent and it is perfectly fitted in the patient's mouth so that it looks natural and uniform just like a regular tooth.

What are the benefits of CEREC Crowns?

There are many benefits to undergoing the CEREC procedure. The procedure is quick and efficient. The patient's tooth structure is restored easily and painlessly. The restorations look natural and give the patient's dental appearance a natural and uniform look. All of these functions make the CEREC procedure more efficient than compared to other replacement procedures.

If you are in need of a restorative procedure then a CEREC procedure is the way to go. With all the benefits of the procedure, you will have a better smile in no time. Under the supervision and guidance of a qualified dentist, the procedure will be extremely successful and efficient.

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