Dentist for Orthodontic Care in San Jose

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that corrects the shape of the patient's teeth and gives them a more uniform look. The orthodontist works on crooked, misshapen and uneven teeth so that germs and bacteria do not cause harm in these harder to reach places. Teeth that are not positioned properly can cause problems to the patient's appearance, smile and might even lead to bacterial diseases that can cause severe problems for the patient as time passes. Therefore the work of the orthodontist is extremely important. They can also work on cosmetic procedures as per the requirements of the patient.

Do you need an Orthodontist?

After a careful diagnosis of the patient's condition, the orthodontist decides what treatment to proceed with. Some of the treatments are:

What are the treatment procedures used by the Orthodontist?

The orthodontist uses many techniques to help the patient. Some such procedures involve the use of braces, retainers and many other important tools to improve the patient's dental appearance. All of these tools are essential for the orthodontist to work on the oral health of the patient.

Do you need a Dentist or an Orthodontist?

The dentist and orthodontist both have to get a bachelor’s degree and complete their dental school. After this, they complete a four-year doctoral program. They must also acquire a degree in dentistry. In addition to this, the orthodontist completes an additional two to three-year residency in orthodontics. Besides the educational qualifications of the dentist and the orthodontist, there are other differences as well. The dentist engages in different surgical procedures to improve the patient's dental health whereas the orthodontist uses non-surgical procedures to help the patient. The orthodontist uses specialized procedures to help the patient have a pain-free process and a better-looking smile.

If you are in need of a restorative and a cosmetic procedure, then it is necessary for you to seek the help of a good orthodontist. A professional orthodontist can assess your dental needs and help to give you the confidence that you so rightly deserve.

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